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Evigene Methods for Orthology Assessment
for daph10_omcl gene clustering of Daphnia, Insects and Fishes (+human)

Method Steps: 
1.  collect species gene proteins, primary isoform only, for 10 species, in daph10omcl.aa
    each header has species tag:ID prefix.  Extract gene Names from aa headers for use below.
2.  blastp -db daph10omcl.aa -query daph10omcl.aa -evalue 1e-5 -outfmt 7 -out daph10omcl.aa.blastp
3.  tabulate daph10omcl.aa.blastp and run OrthoMCL (Evigene repackage), using MCL Markov clustering script
4.  outputs: daph10omcla.bpo,.gg are intermediate inputs to, 
    all_orthomcl.out and tmp/ files are cluster outputs.
5.  tabulate orthomcl.out to summary tables and annotated gene groups, with input gene.names (from aa headers) script
6.  summary and gene group outputs:
    intermediate tables are (OMCL group per gene), (pairwise genes per omcl group), shorter of daph10omcla_omclgns2. table of species presence/gene count per group, : brief summaries per species of group types (orlog,parlog,..), table of 1:1 ortholog species presence (from and or1inpar-count tab, species matrix of ortholog counts shared by species pairs,
	orsinpar = all orthologs, or1inpar = closest ortholog (orlog1) only.  Matrix diagonal is paralog count
        per species, : per species table of ortholog, paralog
       pairings, from that has all species
    daph10omcla_genes.ugp.txt, daph10omcla_genes.ugp.xml : annotated gene groups, with consensus group name,
       counts, and per-species genes listed
    daph10omcla_genes.ugp_brief.txt : from ugp.txt, stripping long list of species genes (one line/group)

Developed at the Genome Informatics Lab of Indiana University Biology Department