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[DIR] Parent Directory 19-Mar-2015 20:25 - [   ] arp7s10b14nodmag.aa.gz 02-Sep-2014 12:16 73.6M [TXT] arp7s10b14nodmag.aa.qual 09-Sep-2014 15:40 18.7M [DIR] protein_names/ 09-Oct-2014 20:53 - [   ] dmagset7finloc9b.puban.aa.gz 12-Oct-2014 17:11 10.4M [   ] dmagset7finalt9b.puban.aa.gz 12-Oct-2014 17:13 36.3M [TXT] arp7s10b14nodmag.species.txt 15-Oct-2014 20:07 1k

File arp7s10b14nodmag is the reference set of species gene proteins used 
in ARP7 Orthology analysis with Daphnia magna gene annotation.  
It does NOT include Daphnia magna proteins (thus "nodmag").
The searchable, full OrthoMCL orthology analysis database of ARP7 is at

Files dmagset7finloc9b.puban.aa.gz, and  dmagset7finalt9b,
are primary and alternate isoform proteins of the gene loci
for Daphnia magna, 2014 Oct release set.  Find in the
Genes/ section the full Daphnia magna genes file set.

The species list and gene count is in arp7s10b14nodmag.species.txt, 
protein fasta with ">species:gene" header in arp7s10b14nodmag.aa, and 
protein sizes in arp7s10b14nodmag.aa.qual.  Alternate isoforms of
genes are included, where provided.  Gene names, where supplied 
by gene source providers, are in the protein_names/ section.  
Daphnia magna proteins are not included in this set.

-- Don Gilbert, 2014-November

Developed at the Genome Informatics Lab of Indiana University Biology Department