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Daphnia magna transcriptome data

These data are publicly available via BioProject PRJNA284518 that links data parts, at NCBI, EBI and DDBJ.
These are an outcome of the StressFlea project (Grant ID 09-EEFG-FP-040, ESF EUROCORES Programme EuroEEFG)

Daphnia magna transcriptome shotgun assemblies (TSA):

  • clone Inb1, with TSA identifier GDIQ00000000 has 36,935 primary loci and 271,331 transcripts with alternates.
  • clone Xinb3, with TSA identifier GDIP00000000 has 42,990 primary loci and 255,355 transcripts with alternates.
These transcript assemblies are primary inputs of the public Gene set that synthesizes a species gene set from these clone sets and others, plus chromosome assembly locations. Correspondence ids are found in gene/transcript annotations, and is summarized in TABLE G4. Daphnia magna Gene set sources where Inb1 is dmagset56ri, Xinb3 is dmagset56tx.

File daphmag201206rna_biosample.txt is a table of the 21 Xinb3 and Inb1 clone samples.
File daphmag201206rna_sraacc.txt is a table of the 67 sequence read SRA accession (3 reps/sample + extras).

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