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mRNA Transcript assemblies for tiger shrimp
organism=Penaeus monodon
Version 1 (2013)  mRNA assembly
by Don Gilbert, gilbertd at indiana edu

This is a 'reference-free' gene set assembly from mRNA-seq, without reference made to
a genome assembly nor training/mapping from other species genes. As such it has different 
values than genome-based gene sets, one important one is no external artifacts or errors 
contribute to these genes.  Any protein orthology measured has not been influenced by 
gene modelling using other species (with their artifacts), and genome assembly errors.

This gene set is used in
 Faddeeva A, Studer RA, Kraaijeveld K, Sie D, Ylstra B, Mariƫn J, et al. (2015) Collembolan Transcriptomes Highlight Molecular Evolution of Hexapods and Provide Clues on the Adaptation to Terrestrial Life. PLoS ONE 10(6): e0130600. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0130600

Developed at the Genome Informatics Lab of Indiana University Biology Department