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Tables of tribolium gene set comparisons (4 gene sets) to reference proteins
and conserved domains (cddr-) for orthology completeness measure.  Summary
tables arpinfo7algn and arpinfo7bits are averages for alignment and bitscore
measures from protein blast.  Tables arpbest5algn and arpbest5bits are per-gene
tabulations of these scores.  arpeach8algn is a per reference family tabulation 
of these, plotted in abpix/arp7genesalgn8_Tribolium0,1000,5000
to show relative alignment of gene sets to reference families of difference
protein size.  The alignment and bitscore measures give same relative rankings
of gene sets, but differ in details.

cddr-trib3eucul-domtab.paired5 table has one row for each eukaryote conserved domain 
(NCBI CDD, 2014.10), with deltablastp bitscore, identity and alignment values for each of 3 gene sets.
Bitscore is misleading for CDD as length of target protein influences this but
domain is fixed subspan in any sized protein.

Developed at the Genome Informatics Lab of Indiana University Biology Department