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Test case for EvidentialGene_trassembly_pipe (evigene/scripts/prot/

TEST RUN THIS outside of PBS/qsub cluster to see if it works:
  env trset=arath_TAIR10_20101214up.cdna.gz datad=`pwd` ./ > & log.tr2ac1

NOTE: You need to edit the app paths in for your system.

TEST DATA: arabidopsis TAIR10 transcripts (headers regularized, though probably not needed)
  curl -sR -o arath_TAIR10_20101214up.cdna \

Get also TAIR10_pep and TAIR10_cds to compare w/ evigene output
This takes 20 min to run on 2 cores of intel game box 

Next step: make NCBI TSA submission. will process above tr2aacds okayset into files
  for NCBI TSA submit, make public IDs, mRNA annotation (given names from blastp),
  vector screening, end-gap trim,  and run 'tbl2asn'.

Partial run to make tables of public IDs and  main-alt pairings.
  $evigene/scripts/ -runstep "pubids" -log \
   -idprefix ArathEGr -class arath_TAIR10_20101214up.trclass

Full run with vecscreen, tbl2asn:
   export vecscreen=/path/to/ncbic/bin/vecscreen; export tbl2asn=/path/to/ncbic/bin/tbl2asn -runtbl2asn -class arath_TAIR10_20101214up.trclass

Developed at the Genome Informatics Lab of Indiana University Biology Department