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EvidentialGene gene assembly for Zea mays corn plant

assembled from the published RNA-seq of doi:10.1038/srep04519, 2014, from maize seedling, 250 M Illumina pairs.
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[DIR] Parent Directory 26-Jan-2017 21:02 - [   ] evg4corn160901.aa.gz 30-Aug-2016 16:03 64.7M [   ] evg4corn160901.cds.gz 30-Aug-2016 16:04 101M [   ] evg4corn160901.mrna.gz 30-Aug-2016 16:05 138M [   ] evg4corn160901.gff3.gz 30-Aug-2016 16:42 53.3M [TXT] evg4corn160901.aa.qual 31-Aug-2016 14:09 27.3M [TXT] 31-Aug-2016 17:08 3k [TXT] evg4corn160901.maploc.txt 31-Aug-2016 22:55 19.4M [TXT] 31-Aug-2016 22:58 443k [   ] evg4corn160901.ann.txt.gz 01-Sep-2016 15:38 13.6M [DIR] evg4corn_info/ 01-Sep-2016 16:56 - [DIR] examples/ 02-Sep-2016 18:49 -

Data contents:
Gene sequnces, with suffix 
  aa = protein, cds = coding seq, mrna = transcript seq, 
  aa.qual = table of protein IDs, sizes

Gene annotation table, ann.txt, with columns
Public_mRNA_ID Object_IDs      Class   AAqual  
   TrLen   CDSoff  Dbxref  Namealign       Product_Name
Zeamay4eEVm000001t1     Zeamay4EVm000001t1,tidbcornhi12mer3ridk47Loc24550       main    5425,97%,complete       
  16729   35-16312        Sobic.009G173600.1.p,   100     ATPases
Zeamay4eEVm000002t1     Zeamay4EVm000002t2,tidbcornhi12mer3ridk77Loc1   main    5066,96%,complete       
  15723   208-15408       Sobic.007G098500.2.p,   100     auxin transport protein (BIG)
  where AAref is packed field of bitscore,referID,refqual,iglocID
  and Chromosome_map is packed field of align%,length,exons,chr_gene_span = table of ohnolog high identity paralogs on duplicated chromosomes (ref:pnas2011schnable) = table of Mediator of RNA polymerase II transcription subunit genes

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