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EvidentialGene : zebrafish gene improvements

EvidentialGene : zebrafish gene improvements

Summary of conserved vertebrate genes in 3 zebrafish gene sets
Gene setAlignCompleteFragmentMissing

Examples of zebrafish genes improved in Evigene reconstruction, versus NCBI EGAP RefSeq gene set of 2016, and Ensembl gene set of 2017 (ZFIN uses this). The first set shows conserved single-copy vertebrate gene families measured with BUSCO OrthoDB v9. The following set shows (non-single-copy) fish genes conserved in 2+ related species.

For several of the missing conserved genes, there exists a gene model, that either has an abnormally short protein, or no protein (i.e. non-coding transcript models). For some cases, and others not shown, the Evigene complete ortholog gene is poorly mapped, or unmapped, to zfish GRCz10 chromosome assembly. For other cases, the Evigene model is fully located on chromosome assembly.

Example gene map views

Developed at the Genome Informatics Lab of Indiana University Biology Department