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EvidentialGene: Protein sizes of Tr Assemblies for longest Reference Genes

Fig.3 Protein sizes of Tr Assemblies matched to longest Reference Genes.
Protein sizes of individual EvidentialGene mRNA assemblies (red bars) versus published transcript assembly (TSA, blue bars). The reference gene set size is the green line, ordered from largest at left to 100'th largest at right. mRNA assembly proteins are matched with best blastp alignment of reference by assembly-db. These are example cases for the average result in Fig 2a. Reference gene set per clade are Zebrafish, Arabidopsis, and for Arthropods, the longest of Tribolium, Apis and Daphnia. Generally this shows many more Evigene mRNA reach the level of reference gene sizes. A special case for Banana genome gene predictions (banana1evcgno) has a small number of genome genes longer than evigene, somewhat more evigene longer than genome genes, and many are nearly same size, matching reference.

Catfish Evigene - TSA (Longest 10)
Tiger Shrimp Evigene - TSA (Longest 10)
Pogonus Beetle Evigene - TSA (Longest 10)
Banana Tree Evigene - TSA
Banana Tree Evigene - Genome genes

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