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11001ARP2_G110003569Aed Ano Cul gene=AAEL017240
11002ARP2_G110015561Aed Aph Api Ped Tri gene=AAEL017282
11003ARP2_G110024523Aed Dro Dro Dro name=Or47b-PA, parent=FBgn0026385
11004ARP2_G110032527Aed Cul hypothetical protein
11005ARP2_G110045558Aed Api Cul Dro Ped class A rhodopsin-like G-protein coupled rece ...
11006ARP2_G110054529Aed Ano Bom Cul odorant receptor - partial
11007ARP2_G110063556Aed Ped Tri gene=AAEL017571
11008ARP2_G110073532Aed Dap Ixo gene=AAEL017572
11009ARP2_G110085570Ano Cul Dro Dro Dro name=CG15803-PB, parent=FBgn0038606
11010ARP2_G110095539Ano Aph Bom Ped Tri C-Type Lectin (CTL).
11011ARP2_G110101524Ano gene=AGAP000607
11012ARP2_G110115551Ano Aph Bom Nas Ped GA11363-PA
11013ARP2_G110121584Ano gene=AGAP000917
11014ARP2_G110134556Ano Ped Tri forked protein
11015ARP2_G110141594Ano gene=AGAP001087
11016ARP2_G110155531Ano Cul Dro Dro Dro name=CG13617-PA, parent=FBgn0039201
11017ARP2_G110163538Ano Nas Tri Serine protease gd precursor (Protein gastrul ...
11018ARP2_G110172536Ano Aph piggyBac-derived 1
11019ARP2_G110185530Ano Cul Dro Dro Dro name=CG8569-PA, parent=FBgn0033752
11020ARP2_G110195527Ano Cul Dro Dro Dro name=CheA87a-PA, parent=FBgn0038142
11021ARP2_G110204566Ano Dro Dro Dro name=Moca-cyp-PA, parent=FBgn0039581
11022ARP2_G110213557Ano Ped Tri SNF1-like kinase 2
11023ARP2_G110225536Ano Cul Dro Dro Dro name=sced-PA, parent=FBgn0013732
11024ARP2_G110234571Ano Dro Dro Dro name=CG10384-PB, parent=FBgn0034731
11025ARP2_G110245554Ano Cul Dro Dro Dro name=repo-PA, parent=FBgn0011701
11026ARP2_G110255534Ano Cul Dro Dro Dro name=htt-PA, parent=FBgn0027655
11027ARP2_G110262530Ano Cul conserved hypothetical protein
11029ARP2_G110285589Bom Dro Ixo Ped fushi tarazu
11030ARP2_G110294550Ano Dro Dro Dro name=Abd-B-PB, parent=FBgn0000015
11031ARP2_G110304532Ano Dro Dro Dro name=CG14000-PA, parent=FBgn0031749
11032ARP2_G110315579Ano Api Dap Nas Tri Nasonia vitripennis similar hypothetical protein
11033ARP2_G110321535Ano gene=AGAP005106
11034ARP2_G11033350conserved hypothetical protein
11035ARP2_G110341549Ano gene=AGAP005474
11036ARP2_G110351525Ano gustatory receptor
11037ARP2_G110365538Ano Cul Dro Nas Tri putative chemosensory protein CSP4
11038ARP2_G110375538Ano Cul Dro Dro Dro name=CG14274-PA, parent=FBgn0032023
11039ARP2_G110381526Ano gene=AGAP008280
11040ARP2_G110394547Ano Dro Ixo Tri cytochrome P450
11041ARP2_G110405537Ano Cul Dro Dro Dro name=CG1273-PB, parent=FBgn0035522
11042ARP2_G110412521Ano Cul gustatory receptor
11043ARP2_G110424530Ano Aph Bom Dap Ciliary dynein heavy chain 3
11044ARP2_G110435534Ano Cul Dro Dro Dro name=Ripalpha-PA, parent=FBgn0032189
11045ARP2_G110441556Ano gene=AGAP011404
11046ARP2_G110454544Ano Dro Dro Dro name=CG8290-PA, parent=FBgn0026573
11047ARP2_G110464534Ano Dro Dro Tri name=Obp59a-PB, parent=FBgn0034766
11048ARP2_G110474531Ano Aph Bom Tri gene=AGAP012527
11049ARP2_G110484549Ano Aph Bom Nas guanylate cyclase
11050ARP2_G110491553Ano gene=AGAP013050
11051ARP2_G110505533Ano Api Nas Ped Tri hypothetical protein Phum_PHUM519430
11052ARP2_G110515563Ano Api Dap Ixo Nas serine/threonine protein kinase
11055ARP2_G110545565Aph Api Dap Ixo Nas Nasonia vitripennis similar hypothetical protein
11057ARP2_G110561578Aph alpha-amylase
11058ARP2_G110571567Aph tentative cuticle protein
11060ARP2_G110594533Aph Api Ped Tri hypothetical protein Phum_PHUM307820
11062ARP2_G110612531Aph Dro
11064ARP2_G110631564Aph predicted protein
11068ARP2_G110675533Aph Api Nas Ped Tri hypothetical protein Phum_PHUM169860
11070ARP2_G110691535Aph abc transporter
11072ARP2_G110711558Aph AGAP004819-PC
11073ARP2_G110721527Aph predicted protein
11075ARP2_G110743529Aph Bom Nas
11077ARP2_G110765531Aph Dap Nas Ped Tri transmembrane and coiled-coil domains 7
11078ARP2_G110775538Aph Bom Dro Nas Tri synaptic vesicle protein
11079ARP2_G110785525Aph Dro Dro Dro Tri name=CG31643-PA, parent=FBgn0051643
11080ARP2_G110793537Aph Api Bom
11081ARP2_G110805565Aph Dro Dro Dro Tri name=CG32204-PB, parent=FBgn0052204
11082ARP2_G110815550Aph Api Bom Nas Tri predicted protein
11089ARP2_G110881537Aph Lactase-phlorizin hydrolase precursor (Lactas ...
11092ARP2_G110913526Aph Cul Dap conserved hypothetical protein
11094ARP2_G110935549Aph Api Nas Ped Tri suppressors of cytokine signaling-5
11096ARP2_G110954554Aph Dap Ped Tri mixed-lineage leukemia protein
11097ARP2_G110965538Aph Api Dap Nas Ped protein Bv8 precursor
11098ARP2_G110975537Aph Bom Ixo Ped Tri tripsin I-P1 precursor
11099ARP2_G110981543Aph KRAB-A domain containing 2
11100ARP2_G110991570Aph AGAP002552-PA
11101ARP2_G111003536Aph Nas Tri
11102ARP2_G111013532Aph Nas Tri
11104ARP2_G111031536Aph AGAP007992-PA
11107ARP2_G111062548Aph Cul conserved hypothetical protein
11110ARP2_G111092546Aph Bom
11112ARP2_G111112531Aph Dro
11113ARP2_G111124532Aph Bom Ped Tri Acyrthosiphon pisum similar hypothetical protein
11114ARP2_G111135524Aph Api Nas Ped Tri hypothetical protein Phum_PHUM247140
11115ARP2_G111141543Aph protein inhibitor of activated STAT
11116ARP2_G111151556Aph THAP domain-containing protein 9
11119ARP2_G111181561Aph hypothetical protein LOC100163293
11124ARP2_G111232535Aph Nas transposase domain-containing protein
11125ARP2_G111243540Aph Ixo Nas reverse transcriptase
11126ARP2_G111255529Aph Api Nas Ped Tri predicted protein
11127ARP2_G111264536Aph Dro Nas Tri
11128ARP2_G111272543Aph Nas
11129ARP2_G111285525Aph Api Bom Dap Nas Sec1 family domain-containing protein 2
11130ARP2_G111293531Aph Bom Ixo Scm-like with four MBT domains protein 2
11131ARP2_G111305534Aph Api Bom Nas Ped conserved hypothetical protein
11134ARP2_G111335551Aph Api Dap Nas Ped solute carrier family 35
11137ARP2_G111365536Aph Api Bom Nas Tri hypothetical protein LOC100162522
11139ARP2_G111384561Aph Dro Dro Dro name=shn-PA, parent=FBgn0003396
11141ARP2_G111404532Aph Api Dap Nas De novo DNA methyltransferase 3
11144ARP2_G111432547Aph Cul conserved hypothetical protein
11146ARP2_G111452535Aph Tri
11149ARP2_G111483562Aph Api Bom
11153ARP2_G111525550Aph Api Dap Nas Ped Short stature homeobox protein
11156ARP2_G111553529Aph Dap Ixo DNA damage-binding protein
11159ARP2_G111582526Aph Tri
11160ARP2_G111594528Aph Nas Ped Tri hypothetical protein Phum_PHUM576660
11163ARP2_G111621558Aph COS41.3
11169ARP2_G111683536Aph Bom Tri
11170ARP2_G111692548Aph Ixo general transcription factor II
11172ARP2_G111711568Aph hypothetical protein LOC100166012
11173ARP2_G111725545Aph Api Dap Ped Tri Ankyrin repeat domain-containing protein 17 ( ...
11175ARP2_G111745537Aph Api Bom Nas Tri
11177ARP2_G111765545Aph Dap Ixo Nas Ped conserved hypothetical protein
11182ARP2_G111812546Aph Nas hypothetical protein LOC100116041
11184ARP2_G111835553Aph Bom Dap Ixo Tri RhoGAP93B CG3421-PA
11187ARP2_G111865526Aph Api Dap Ixo Nas Tectonic-1
11188ARP2_G111871543Aph Sug CG7334-PA
11189ARP2_G111885535Aph Api Bom Dap Ixo hypothetical protein LOC100163009
11192ARP2_G111913540Aph Dap Nas
11195ARP2_G111941538Aph hAT family dimerisation domain containing protein
11196ARP2_G111955528Aph Api Bom Nas Tri hypothetical protein LOC100165667
11200ARP2_G111995561Aph Api Nas Ped Tri pipsqueak
11203ARP2_G112025535Aph Api Bom Dro Ped conserved hypothetical protein
11205ARP2_G112041542Aph CG14352 CG14352-PA
11207ARP2_G112063542Aph Bom Nas
11208ARP2_G112075540Aph Cul Ixo Nas Ped PHD finger protein 10
11209ARP2_G112082541Aph Nas
11210ARP2_G112095555Aph Api Dap Ped Tri hypothetical protein Phum_PHUM368740
11212ARP2_G112112560Aph Tri Cuticular protein 50Cb CG6305-PA
11214ARP2_G112135545Aph Bom Cul Dap Tri conserved hypothetical protein
11215ARP2_G112145548Aph Bom Ixo Ped Tri conserved hypothetical protein
11219ARP2_G112185559Aph Api Cul Ped defective proboscis extension response
11220ARP2_G112195526Aph Api Dap Ixo Nas WD repeat domain 8
11224ARP2_G112233544Aph Dap Tri
11225ARP2_G112242546Aph Ixo hypothetical protein
11226ARP2_G112255548Aph Api Nas Ped Tri PHD finger protein
11228ARP2_G112275535Aph Dap Ixo Nas Tri NIMA (never in mitosis gene a)-related expres ...
11231ARP2_G112305527Aph Api Dap Ped Tri general transcription factor IIIC
11232ARP2_G112315540Aph Api Bom Ixo Nas epithelium specific ets factor 3
11233ARP2_G112325552Aph Api Nas Ped Tri Nasonia vitripennis similar hypothetical protein
11234ARP2_G112334552Aph Dro Dro Tri
11235ARP2_G112344548Aph Dro Dro Dro name=CG1620-PA, parent=FBgn0033183
11236ARP2_G112355534Aph Dap Nas Ped Tri conserved hypothetical protein
11237ARP2_G112361534Aph Fatty Acid SyNthase family member (fasn-1)
11239ARP2_G112384533Aph Dap Ixo Nas Kazal-type serine protease inhibitor domain c ...
11241ARP2_G112401541Aph oxidase/peroxidase
11243ARP2_G112425540Aph Api Bom Nas Tri AGAP002461-PA
11245ARP2_G112445537Aph Bom Dap Ped Tri hypothetical protein LOC100166240
11248ARP2_G112472547Aph Nas Probable cytochrome P450 6a13 (CYPVIA13)
11249ARP2_G112485532Aph Bom Cul Ixo Tri predicted protein
11251ARP2_G112505541Aph Api Bom Ped Tri conserved hypothetical protein
11253ARP2_G112525542Aph Api Nas Ped Tri ring finger protein 207
11254ARP2_G112534538Aph Api Dap Nas homeodomain-only protein
11256ARP2_G112552540Aph Nas Histone-lysine N-methyltransferase SUV420H1 ( ...
11257ARP2_G112561545Aph AGAP001236-PA
11258ARP2_G112575532Aph Bom Ixo Ped Tri vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein
11259ARP2_G112585548Aph Api Dro Ixo Nas name=mt:CoI-PA, parent=FBgn0013674
11261ARP2_G112605543Aph Api Ixo Nas Tri metal response element-binding transcription ...
11263ARP2_G112625538Aph Api Bom Nas Tri CG33978 CG33978-PA
11264ARP2_G112635540Aph Api Ixo Ped Tri hypothetical protein Phum_PHUM308880
11265ARP2_G112645532Aph Api Bom Cul Dro Muscle-specificprotein 300 CG33715-PD
11266ARP2_G112655564Aph Api Bom Ped Tri Enhancer of split mgamma protein
11268ARP2_G112675535Aph Bom Dro Ixo Tri sidestep protein
11270ARP2_G112695544Aph Api Dap Nas Ped magnesium-dependent phosphatase 1
11271ARP2_G112705534Aph Api Bom Ped Tri Acyrthosiphon pisum similar hypothetical protein
11272ARP2_G112714554Aph Bom Dap Ped cAMP-dependent protein kinase catalytic subunit
11273ARP2_G112725534Aph Api Bom Nas Ped leucine-rich transmembrane protein
11274ARP2_G112735527Aph Bom Cul Nas Tri ZC416.1
11275ARP2_G112745550Aph Api Bom Nas Ped forkhead protein/ forkhead protein domain
11276ARP2_G112753536Aph Ixo Tri conserved hypothetical protein
11277ARP2_G112764540Aph Api Nas Tri leucine-rich transmembrane protein
11278ARP2_G112775534Aph Api Ixo Nas Ped sorting nexin-24
11279ARP2_G112784547Aph Ixo Nas Tri hypothetical protein
11280ARP2_G112791591Aph putative secreted salivary peptide
11281ARP2_G112805529Aph Dro Dro Ped Tri name=CG17217-PA, parent=FBgn0032419
11282ARP2_G112815547Aph Api Cul Ixo Tri bestrophin 2,3,4
11283ARP2_G112825541Aph Api Bom Ped Tri glycosyl-phosphatidyl-inositol-anchored protein
11284ARP2_G112835524Aph Api Bom Ped Tri hypothetical protein Phum_PHUM483660
11285ARP2_G112844523Aph Dro Dro Dro name=ppk7-PA, parent=FBgn0031802
11286ARP2_G112854542Aph Api Dap Tri
11288ARP2_G112875532Aph Api Bom Ped Tri conserved hypothetical protein
11289ARP2_G112885553Aph Api Ixo Nas Ped DNA polymerase beta
11291ARP2_G112905542Aph Api Dap Ped Tri conserved hypothetical protein
11292ARP2_G112914532Aph Dap Ixo Ped conserved hypothetical protein
11293ARP2_G112921541Aph lipase 1
11294ARP2_G112932541Aph Ixo hypothetical protein
11295ARP2_G112941538Aph trehalase
11296ARP2_G112952555Aph Dro
11298ARP2_G112974543Aph Bom Ixo Tri Helix loop helix protein 3B CG2655-PA
11299ARP2_G112985548Aph Bom Dap Ped Tri Deoxynucleoside kinase
11300ARP2_G112995556Aph Api Ixo Nas Tri conserved hypothetical protein
11301ARP2_G113005547Aph Bom Nas Ped Tri conserved hypothetical protein
11302ARP2_G113015549Aph Api Dap Nas Tri enhancer of polycomb
11303ARP2_G113024528Aph Dap Ped Tri class A rhodopsin-like G-protein coupled rece ...
11304ARP2_G113035529Aph Api Dap Nas Ped hypothetical protein Phum_PHUM154980
11305ARP2_G113045555Aph Api Bom Tri Vha100-1 CG1709-PE,isoform E
11306ARP2_G113055535Aph Api Nas Ped Tri conserved hypothetical protein
11307ARP2_G113065554Aph Bom Dap Ixo Tri growth hormone-regulated TBC protein
11308ARP2_G113075531Aph Api Bom Dap Ped Homocysteine-responsive endoplasmic reticulum ...
11309ARP2_G113084571Aph Api Cul Ixo unkempt protein
11310ARP2_G113095522Aph Cul Dro Dro Dro name=CG14306-PB, parent=FBgn0038628
11311ARP2_G113105550Aph Api Bom Nas Tri leucine-rich transmembrane protein
11312ARP2_G113115536Aph Api Bom Nas Ped pdz domain protein arc
11313ARP2_G113125562Aph Bom Dap Ped Tri carboxypeptidase E precursor
11314ARP2_G113131566Aph synaptic vesicle protein
11315ARP2_G113142531Aph Nas
11316ARP2_G11315150hypothetical protein LOC100168433
11317ARP2_G113164529Aph Api Dap Ixo cystine-binding periplasmic protein
11318ARP2_G113175541Aph Bom Dap Ped Tri hypothetical protein Phum_PHUM604090
11319ARP2_G113185543Aph Api Dap Nas Ped ENSANGP00000011862
11321ARP2_G113205553Aph Bom Cul Ped Tri voltage-gated potassium channel
11322ARP2_G113215533Aph Dap Ixo Ped Tri peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase
11323ARP2_G113224532Aph Ixo Ped Tri G-protein coupled octopamine receptor
11324ARP2_G113235540Aph Dro Dro Ped Tri hypothetical protein Phum_PHUM609440
11325ARP2_G113245539Aph Api Dap Ixo Ped rhotekin
11326ARP2_G113255541Aph Api Bom Dap Nas SJCHGC05576 protein
11327ARP2_G113263534Aph Dro Dro
11328ARP2_G113275536Aph Api Bom Nas Tri Nasonia vitripennis similar hypothetical protein
11329ARP2_G113285525Aph Api Dap Nas Ped BRCA1-associated RING domain protein 1
11330ARP2_G113295525Aph Dap Ixo Ped Tri conserved hypothetical protein
11331ARP2_G113305533Aph Api Nas Ped Tri gamma-glutamyltransferase-like 3
11332ARP2_G113314534Aph Api Bom Tri zinc finger protein 9
11333ARP2_G113325551Aph Api Nas Ped Tri HMG-box protein
11334ARP2_G113332551Aph Dap
11335ARP2_G113345534Aph Api Bom Nas Tri AGAP006655-PA
11336ARP2_G113355543Aph Api Nas Ped Tri histone RNA hairpin-binding protein
11337ARP2_G113365540Aph Api Nas Ped Tri Nuclear receptor coactivator 2 (NCoA-2) (Tran ...
11338ARP2_G113375535Aph Api Nas Ped Tri eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4E n ...
11339ARP2_G113385534Aph Api Bom Nas Ped conserved hypothetical protein
11340ARP2_G113395535Aph Api Bom Ped Tri conserved hypothetical protein
11341ARP2_G113405530Aph Api Ixo Nas Ped Coiled-coil domain-containing protein 111 homolog
11342ARP2_G113414568Aph Api Nas Tri abdominal-AII
11343ARP2_G113425564Aph Api Bom Ped Tri tissue-nonspecific alkaline phosphatase
11344ARP2_G113435532Aph Api Bom Nas Tri hypothetical protein LOC100168953
11345ARP2_G113445524Aph Dap Ixo Nas Ped conserved hypothetical protein
11346ARP2_G113454531Aph Api Bom Nas hypothetical protein LOC100168629
11347ARP2_G113465540Aph Api Nas Ped Tri rest corepressor corest
11348ARP2_G113475546Aph Api Ixo Nas Ped conserved hypothetical protein
11349ARP2_G113485531Aph Api Nas Ped Tri Mitochondrial tumor suppressor 1 homolog (Ang ...
11350ARP2_G113495539Aph Bom Ixo Ped Tri conserved hypothetical protein
11351ARP2_G113505529Aph Api Dap Nas Tri Kaptin (actin binding protein)
11352ARP2_G113515539Aph Dap Ixo Ped Tri ankyrin repeat and IBR domain containing 1
11353ARP2_G113524561Api Cul Dro conserved hypothetical protein
11354ARP2_G113533533Api Nas Ped conserved hypothetical protein
11355ARP2_G113545527Api Bom Ixo Ped Tri Poly(A)-specific ribonuclease PARN-like domai ...
11356ARP2_G113555529Api Bom Ixo Nas Ped 50S ribosomal protein L20
11357ARP2_G113565533Api Dap Nas Ped Tri conserved hypothetical protein
11358ARP2_G113574528Api Dro Nas Ped conserved hypothetical protein
11359ARP2_G113585537Api Bom Nas Ped Tri hexosaminidase (glycosyl hydrolase family 20
11360ARP2_G113595545Api Bom Nas Ped Tri serine/threonine-protein kinase
11361ARP2_G113605552Api Bom Dap Ped Tri microtubule-associated proteins 1A/1B light chain
11362ARP2_G113615543Api Dro Dro Dro Nas name=CG11808-PA, parent=FBgn0034000
11363ARP2_G113624554Api Dap Ixo Tri cytochrome C oxidase polypeptide VIII
11364ARP2_G113635526Api Bom Ixo Nas Ped Heparanase precursor
11365ARP2_G113642527Api Nas
11366ARP2_G113655543Api Dap Ixo Nas Tri B-cell translocation protein
11367ARP2_G113665541Api Bom Nas Ped Tri hypothetical protein LOC100122124
11368ARP2_G113675539Api Bom Nas Ped Tri Nck-associated protein 5 (NAP-5) (Peripheral ...
11369ARP2_G113685541Api Bom Nas Ped Tri hypothetical protein Phum_PHUM512700
11370ARP2_G113695548Api Bom Nas Ped Tri conserved hypothetical protein
11371ARP2_G113704545Api Bom Nas Ped Nasonia vitripennis similar hypothetical protein
11372ARP2_G113715540Api Bom Nas Ped Tri hypothetical protein Phum_PHUM148620
11374ARP2_G113735524Api Bom Dap Nas Ped conserved hypothetical protein
11375ARP2_G113745553Api Dro Dro Dro Nas name=ro-PA, parent=FBgn0003267
11376ARP2_G113753592Dro Dro name=CG17377-PA, parent=FBgn0031859
11377ARP2_G113765530Api Bom Dap Nas Tri putative accessory gland protein
11378ARP2_G113775525Api Dap Ixo Nas Ped mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma tr ...
11379ARP2_G113785538Api Dap Ixo Nas Tri transmembrane protein
11380ARP2_G113792535Api Nas Pancreaticlipase-related protein 2 precursor ...
11381ARP2_G113805535Api Dap Ixo Nas Ped Ring finger protein 14
11382ARP2_G113814538Api Nas Ped Tri apolipophorin-III
11383ARP2_G113825542Api Bom Nas Ped Tri Homeobox protein Hox-A11A
11384ARP2_G113835533Api Dap Nas Ped Tri Galactoside 2-alpha-L-fucosyltransferase
11385ARP2_G113845569Api Bom Cul Ped Tri forkhead protein/ forkhead protein domain
11386ARP2_G113855540Api Dap Nas Ped Tri pleckstrin homology-like domain
11387ARP2_G113865556Api Dro Dro Dro Nas paired related homeobox 2
11388ARP2_G113875559Api Cul Dro Dro Nas GA11739-PA
11389ARP2_G113885541Api Bom Cul Ixo Nas male sterility domain-containing protein
11390ARP2_G113893538Api Dap Nas Proteinlethal(2)essential for life (Protein Efl21)
11391ARP2_G113905546Api Bom Nas Ped Tri -OG4730
11392ARP2_G113915533Api Bom Dap Nas Ped hypothetical protein Phum_PHUM171800
11393ARP2_G113922560Api Cul pyruvate carboxylase
11394ARP2_G113934537Api Bom Ped Tri hypothetical protein Phum_PHUM191180
11395ARP2_G113945555Api Dap Nas Ped Tri GA20586-PA
11396ARP2_G113955529Api Bom Nas Ped Tri conserved hypothetical protein
11397ARP2_G113964529Api Ixo Nas Tri hypothetical protein
11398ARP2_G113975545Api Bom Dap Ped Tri Lupus la protein (Sjogren syndrome type B ant ...
11399ARP2_G113985536Api Dap Nas Ped Tri suppressor protein SRP40
11400ARP2_G113995530Api Bom Dap Ped Tri YEATS domain-containing protein 2
11401ARP2_G114005529Api Bom Nas Ped Tri conserved hypothetical protein
11402ARP2_G114015566Api Dro Nas Ped Tri conserved hypothetical protein
11403ARP2_G114025549Api Dro Dro Dro Ped name=dgo-PA, parent=FBgn0086898
11404ARP2_G114035542Api Dap Nas Ped Tri zinc finger protein
11405ARP2_G114043538Api Bom Tri CG6854-PA
11407ARP2_G114065529Api Bom Dap Ixo Tri conserved hypothetical protein
11408ARP2_G114075586Api Dap Nas Ped Tri Cysteine-rich protein
11409ARP2_G114085528Api Bom Nas Ped Tri kelch repeat domain
11410ARP2_G114095541Api Dap Dro Dro Nas no mechanoreceptorpotential C CG11020-PB
11411ARP2_G114103541Api Nas Ped defensin 2
11412ARP2_G114115537Api Dap Ixo Ped Tri ankyrin repeat domain-containing protein
11413ARP2_G114124535Api Dap Ped Tri protein anon-37Cs
11414ARP2_G114135540Api Bom Cul Ixo Tri structural constituent of cuticle
11415ARP2_G114142530Api Bom
11416ARP2_G114154537Api Ixo Nas Ped tetraspanin-18
11417ARP2_G114164543Api Bom Ped Tri hypothetical protein Phum_PHUM012910
11418ARP2_G114175542Api Dap Nas Ped Tri nfrkb
11419ARP2_G114185554Api Dap Nas Ped Tri Parathyroid hormone/parathyroid hormone-relat ...
11420ARP2_G114194546Api Dap Ixo Nas Regulator of chromosome condensation (RCC1) a ...
11421ARP2_G114205548Api Bom Ixo Nas Tri synoviolin
11422ARP2_G114215535Api Dap Ixo Nas Ped conserved hypothetical protein
11423ARP2_G114225548Api Dro Dro Ped Tri membrane-associated RING finger protein
11424ARP2_G114235562Api Dro Dro Dro Nas name=CG8861-PC, parent=FBgn0037676
11425ARP2_G114245557Api Cul Ixo Nas Ped conserved hypothetical protein
11426ARP2_G114255539Api Dap Nas Ped Tri methylmalonic aciduria protein
11427ARP2_G114265535Api Dap Ixo Nas Ped U11/U12 snRNP 25 kDa protein
11428ARP2_G114275545Api Dap Ixo Nas Ped Glycerophosphodiester phosphodiesterase domai ...
11429ARP2_G114285545Api Bom Dap Nas Ped conserved hypothetical protein
11430ARP2_G114295534Api Bom Nas Ped Tri conserved hypothetical protein
11431ARP2_G114305531Api Bom Cul Nas Ped conserved hypothetical protein
11432ARP2_G114315534Api Dap Nas Ped Tri conserved hypothetical protein
11433ARP2_G114324545Api Dap Nas Tri Apis mellifera receptor interacting proteinki ...
11434ARP2_G114334534Api Dro Dro Dro name=CG10962-PB, parent=FBgn0030073
11435ARP2_G114345546Api Bom Dro Dro Dro name=CG42360-PA, parent=FBgn0259742
11436ARP2_G114355546Api Dro Dro Dro Tri beta-1,3-glucan recognition protein 2
11437ARP2_G114365532Api Cul Dap Nas Ped conserved hypothetical protein
11438ARP2_G114375530Api Bom Cul Dap Tri conserved hypothetical protein
11439ARP2_G114383554Api Nas Ped modifier of mdg4
11440ARP2_G114395542Api Dro Dro Dro Ped name=CG42340-PC, parent=FBgn0259242
11441ARP2_G114404536Api Dap Ixo Nas amino acid transporter
11442ARP2_G114412530Api Bom CG14516-PA
11443ARP2_G114425555Api Bom Nas Ped Tri predicted protein
11444ARP2_G114433566Api Dap Ixo Chromosome 18 SCAF14547
11445ARP2_G114445539Api Dap Ixo Nas Ped malonyl-CoA decarboxylase
11446ARP2_G114455541Api Bom Nas Ped Tri Acrosin precursor
11447ARP2_G114464529Api Dro Nas Tri
11448ARP2_G114474530Api Nas Ped Tri hypothetical protein Phum_PHUM540470
11449ARP2_G114485537Api Dro Dro Dro Tri name=scarface-PB, parent=FBgn0033033
11450ARP2_G114495554Api Dap Ixo Nas Ped eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4E-1
11451ARP2_G114505527Api Bom Dap Nas Tri STAGA complex 65 subunit gamma
11452ARP2_G114513545Api Dap Nas high affinity copper transporter
11453ARP2_G114525542Api Dap Dro Nas Ped TR4 orphan receptor-associated 16 kDa protein ...
11454ARP2_G114535525Api Bom Nas Ped Tri nuclear pore complex protein nup153
11455ARP2_G114545533Api Dap Ixo Nas Tri p63 (processed form)
11456ARP2_G114555527Api Bom Nas Ped Tri adenylate kinase
11457ARP2_G114565537Api Bom Dap Ped Tri immunodeficiency virus type I enhancer bindin ...
11458ARP2_G114575548Api Bom Nas Ped Tri hypothetical protein Phum_PHUM506480
11459ARP2_G114585569Api Cul Dap Ixo Nas serine/arginine regulated nuclear matrix protein
11460ARP2_G114595543Api Bom Ixo Ped Tri sprouty
11461ARP2_G114605550Api Bom Nas Ped Tri Nasonia vitripennis sex combs reduced (Scr)
11462ARP2_G114615532Api Dap Nas Ped Tri gem (nuclear organelle) associated protein 6
11463ARP2_G114625550Api Dap Nas Ped Tri huntingtin interacting protein
11464ARP2_G114635541Bom Nas Ped Tri conserved hypothetical protein
11465ARP2_G114645527Api Bom Nas Ped Tri armadillo repeat containing 3
11466ARP2_G114655553Bom Dro Dro Dro Nas name=Osi16-PA, parent=FBgn0051561
11467ARP2_G114664566Bom Dro Dro Dro name=KP78b-PA, parent=FBgn0026063
11469ARP2_G114685530Bom Dro Dro Dro Ixo neural cell adhesion molecule L1
11471ARP2_G114703535Bom Dro Nas
11472ARP2_G114715565Bom Dro Ixo Ped Tri conserved hypothetical protein
11473ARP2_G114725581Bom Dro Nas Ped Tri hypothetical protein Phum_PHUM572960
11474ARP2_G114733529Bom Nas Tri
11475ARP2_G114745542Bom Dap Dro Dro Dro name=dmrt11E-PA, parent=FBgn0030477
11477ARP2_G114762550Bom Dro name=CG2217-PA, parent=FBgn0027544
11481ARP2_G114803538Bom Dro Dro name=Iris-PA, parent=FBgn0031305
11482ARP2_G114812535Bom Tri
11483ARP2_G114822528Bom Ixo hypothetical protein
11484ARP2_G114834538Bom Dap Ped Tri sidestep protein
11485ARP2_G114842533Bom Tri
11486ARP2_G114854537Bom Dro Dro Dro name=CG15611-PA, parent=FBgn0034194
11487ARP2_G114865554Bom Dro Dro Dro Tri name=CG14304-PA, parent=FBgn0038629
11488ARP2_G114875525Bom Dro Dro Dro Tri name=CG32436-PA, parent=FBgn0052436
11489ARP2_G114885564Bom Dro Ixo Nas Tri zinc finger protein
11490ARP2_G114894540Bom Dap Ped Tri synaptic vesicular amine transporter
11491ARP2_G114905587Bom Cul Dap Ped Tri C-ets-2 protein
11492ARP2_G114914545Bom Dro Dro Dro name=Gmap-PA, parent=FBgn0027287
11493ARP2_G114924525Bom Dap Ixo Nas poly(A) polymerase
11494ARP2_G114933538Bom Dap Nas
11495ARP2_G114942541Bom Dap
11496ARP2_G114954554Bom Dro Dro Dro name=Ccp84Ag-PA, parent=FBgn0004777
11497ARP2_G114965558Bom Dap Ixo Ped Nod factor export ATP-binding protein I
11499ARP2_G114985536Bom Dro Dro Dro Ixo name=Haspin-PA, parent=FBgn0046706

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